At Rosewood assisted living, our well-rounded rosewood kitchen savory menu is one of the distinguishing features at RoseWood Village Senior Living Community which is totally an amazing elderly living community. Our Dining Team who has such a caring heart, does a phenomenal job of providing a wide savorly menu with a variety of healthy dishes like cognac pink cream sauce, organic tomato sauce, house tomato sauce, garlic and parsley beef meatball, that are as delicious as they are beautiful.


Older adults have specific nutritional needs that need to be met so they can experience the best health and energy possible. Our menu provides a well-balanced diet of delicious options for even the most selective eaters. In fact, our menu is reviewed and approved by a registered dietician before our chefs ever fire up the oven. 

Nutrition is imperative for building a foundation of fitness, energy, and even mental and emotional well-being. Many studies have shown that a diet of healthful, well-balanced meals can reduce the risk of many diseases and reduce the symptoms if the individual is already suffering from such diseases. 


Regardless of the main dish, our dining staff ensures that no one leaves the dining room hungry. We are sure to cater to special dietary needs or preferences depending on the individual. There are many alternative options for those craving something other than the main course. 


Dining at Rosewood Village is akin to fine restaurant dining. As our resident family enjoys their delicious cuisine, they are serenaded by everything from ragtime to swing to classical music. Rosewood Village also features private bistros that residents can reserve to enjoy private dining with friends or family members. 

Our dining experience provides proof that eating can be healthy, delicious, and provide a relaxing, fun experience. Our resident family often names mealtime as one of the highlights of the day here at Rosewood Village.  


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